Communication as a tool for business is irreplaceable. Whether you are trying to close a deal with another business or land a new customer, effective communication is what makes it all happen. Since communication is so important, it goes without saying that you should employ the best communication tools available on the market to help you achieve your goals.

In any business, there are two forms of communication: one-way communication and two-way communication. One-way communications happen when a business sends information to other people without accepting any responses. Two-way communication happens when the business engages the parties it is communicating with and accepts responses. There are business tools that can help you get better results with both types of communication.

Here are some of the business communication tools you should be employing in your business:

Live Chat

Every business owner appreciates the value of quality customer support. One of the best tools to enhance customer experience and help your customers in real-time is live chat. Live chat is an online chat tool that allows your web users to connect with your support staff live and converse with them as if they were using a text messaging service.

There are several benefits to employing live chat in customer support. According to an eMarketer survey, shoppers who use online chat are almost twice as likely to make an online purchase once a week as shoppers who don’t use online chat. Of the people surveyed, 63% of shoppers who used online chat said they were more likely to shop at the specific online store again.

Other benefits of using live chat include cutting down expenses by reducing average interaction costs and phone expenses, earning an edge over the competition by developing a clear competitive advantage, and ensuring higher likelihood of building customer loyalty.

Email Tracking Tools for Sales Productivity

Email tracking is absolutely essential if your business relies on email marketing to make sales. With email tracking, you can see who has or hasn’t opened your emails, who clicked a link in the email, and whether the click resulted in a sale or not. With the right email tracking tool, you can get a lot of data on how your customers engage with your emails. This information will allow you to develop more targeted email campaigns that can perform better.

Some of the popular tools on the market right now are Yesware, MixMax, Streak for Gmail, Mail Track, Bananatag, and Sales Handy. Besides the tracking capability, some of these tools also offer other features such as email scheduling, email templates, automated follow ups, integration with CRMs, reminders, meeting scheduler, and email attachment tracking.

Video Gear for Video Content Marketing

According to Wyzowl, 63 percent of businesses are utilizing video content marketing. While many businesses have now embraced video content marketing, very few take it seriously enough to invest in the appropriate tools to make video content marketing a success.

Investing in video gear to make video content marketing a key pillar of your business promotion efforts is totally worth it. Video marketing will lead to increased engagement from your customers, better ROI, increased conversions and sales, better rankings on Google, more opportunities to go viral on social media, and better performance when doing email marketing.

You can use video content marketing in practically every business niche. Those who are in highly visual niches such as real estate will find it even more useful. There are several blogs online with real estate video gear help. The equipment you will need to consistently run successful video content marketing campaigns include:

  1. Quality video camera
  2. Tripod
  3. Shotgun microphone
  4. Audio (XLR) cables
  5. Lapel microphone
  6. Omni-directional handheld microphone
  7. Headsets
  8. Camera light
  9. Reflector
  10. Different lenses: macro, zoom lenses, polarizer, wide angle, etc
  11. Backup batteries for equipment
  12. External hard drive
  13. Drone.

Reliable Collaboration Tools

Effortless and effective communication between team members will always boost team productivity. Using collaboration tools reduces the number of emails exchanged between team members and reduces the chance of communication breakdown when you have several people working on one project. Tools will help to build trust amongst employees.

For project and task management you can use Proofhub, Dapulse, Asana, Trello, or Wimi. For dynamic team communication you can use Slack, GoToMeeting, Flowdock, or WebEx. When your team is building something together you can use tools such as Quip and Codingteam.

A Website and a Blog

You really can’t run a customer-centric business in the digital age without a website or blog. Most purchases today begin with a search engine search. If a prospective customer can’t find details about your store or products online, they will give their business to your competitors that have a web presence. This is true for both B2C and B2B businesses but it is more pronounced for B2B businesses.

According to Marketo, 93% of B2B purchases begin with an online search. Marketo also reports that B2B companies that run a blog generate 68% more sales than businesses that don’t blog. Also, content marketing performs 3 times better than traditional outbound marketing while using 62% less cash.

It will be more beneficial for your company in the long run to take advantage of communication tools now. If you’re afraid of change, just keep in mind all of the positives that will come from it, and how much smoother your business will run.


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