In any business, the tools used in daily work should be able to efficiently get the job done, with little stress. In today’s tech-fuelled society, an especially important example of a daily tool for everyone is a broadband connection. We use the internet for just about everything, and therefore a reliable and fast connection to such a domain is preferable, and can make a lasting impact on your businesses performance. For instance, having several people using the same connection on a low speed connection would result in less available bandwidth for each user when they require it. This can majorly reduce productivity on any web based task, and therefore it’s important to consider the speed and reliability of the broadband you choose.

True estimation

The speed a provider lists on a package is your initial indicator of the speeds you’re likely to receive, however this is sometimes an overestimate. An important assessment that should take place is a broadband check based on location, preferably on multiple trusted comparison sites. The speed checks are essential, as if they’re location based and ask for information such as your postcode or main landline number then they can determine a much closer estimate of the speed you would get with a service. A good example of such a comparison service is broadband choices, a comparison site for broadband providers with all the aforementioned checks in place, removing the hassle of manually doing these things yourself and having the information all in one place. An example of a good package for the vast majority of people would be from Virgin Media; if in the catchment area for their service, you can expect an incredibly high speed due to their dedicated and independent installations of broadband connections, where speeds can meet up to 300Mb/s in some circumstances, as opposed to some other providers packages which reach up to 76Mb/s in most areas. Virgin Media provide great reliability too, which would be highly suited to any business.

Conferences made easy

Collaboration is made easy through the use of the internet, and programs such as Skype allow for remote conference and more productivity. But the speed of the connections being used is also key for this kind of medium to be used effectively, as otherwise latency will corrupt the quality of your communication, meaning delays between when you receive the sent information from the endpoint – this can remove the usefulness of such a system, as delays like these can make it difficult to distinguish what’s being said in a conversation with accuracy. This is avoided through the use of a low latency solution when choosing broadband.

Choices in broadband

An alternative to consumer level broadband is a solution involving a direct fibre connection to a building. This kind of connection is very heavy duty, usually carrying enough bandwidth to have faster speeds than standard fibre for each user even with a large number of connections on the network. This kind of connection might be ideal for a building with a large number of occupants and allow a sustained channel to exist between each user and the web. This kind of connection could be crucial in the vast majority of modern business roles; with the importance social media and a variety of other sites hold on the relationship of a business with its clients the importance of speed and reliability in a broadband connection has never been higher.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage plays a large part in storage solutions today. In the past, the archive of a business may be stored on site physically with a backup of some sort, but modern approaches host a much more liberating solution; the use of a cloud storage service. But what exactly does cloud storage give to your business?
The main aspect is accessibility. With a suitable connection to the storage solution, the data being stored in the cloud could be accessed whilst on a business trip miles away for instance, or in a completely different company building. The ability to collaborate over distance is increased dramatically with this service by applications supporting simultaneous editing of a document for instance, when combined with a conference call this is a powerful tool. The pure storage on its own however is a relief for a lot of businesses – functioning like a standard directory on a computer, this kind of storage when combined with a good internet connection functions nearly exactly like normal local storage, with the added bonus of being much more accessible.


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