Your first office may have been set up at a garage, basement or other dingy space that wasn’t as appealing. However as the business grows, you want to create a more professional working space that allows a flawless workflow and accommodates all your employees, furniture and fittings without feeling cramped. Some companies move to larger office spaces while others prefer upgrading their hair-curling offices. Whatever your decision, you need to create a professional space that encourages people to work while enhancing creativity and the well-being of your employees. Here are some ideas to help you achieve this goal.

Create a Space that Reflects your Culture

A good office layout should reflect the overall culture of the company. As such, it should allow flexibility and autonomy, which are crucial in transforming a business. When you create a flexible office layout, you are developing a new dynamic that makes people trusted more when they are given the freedom to carry out tasks without much supervision. Many employers appreciate the role that an office space plays in maintaining, recruiting and maximising the potential of their employees hence, the increasing use of open office layouts.

Allow Adequate Light into Space

Poorly lit and noisy spaces hamper productivity significantly. Studies show that well-lit areas make people happier and reduce depression and anxiety. During the investigation, the researchers asked the volunteers to assess the attractiveness of three women, aggressiveness of a fictional character and the appeal of various spiced chicken wings under dim and well-lit conditions.

Volunteers seated in well-lit spaces said the women were attractive, the character aggressive and expressed a preference for spicy chicken. It only shows how light affects mood, judgment and overall productivity. Noise also affects one’s productivity by up to 66%. Sound affects your cognitive, psychological and behavioural ability. Having some level of ambient noise at a steady volume swallows up the distracting noises. You can also purchase internal doors from Todd Doors to create closed offices spaces to muffle the sound.

The Layout should be Efficient

A workspace is more than separating tasks and departments since it also shows the energy in the work environment. As such, you don’t want your clients walking through the kitchen or a pile of files to get to the boardroom. Encourage your teams to rearrange their spaces to make them efficient. Internal doors help separate critical spaces like storage areas, the conference room and the main working space hence, creating a more organised workspace. Ban bins also come in handy as they avoid the pile-up of waste at workstations and encourage recycling. You may consider hiring a professional designer to help you rearrange the office.

Allow Space for Collaboration

This is an essential feature in any business as most tasks require team effort. It goes beyond creating a conference room, employees’ café or other such shared space. You need to put thought and effort into creating a space that nurtures collaboration. A few tables and chairs will do, but you can also include a new décor that entices the employees to come and work together.

Avoid Storing Paper and Office Supplies in the Work Space

Most employees use plenty of their working space to store office supplies and paper. On the contrary, your workspace should be open with adequate room for users to work without feeling restricted. Arrange personal items, photos and other objects in a way that promotes productivity.

Use Nature to Liven up Space

Humans have the innate desire to connect with nature, which is a behaviour referred to as biophilia. As such, incorporating nature into a work environment in the form of flowers, indoor trees, living green walls and planter boxes has a significant impact on one’s mood, productivity and self-esteem. A study done in the UK found that bringing in plants into a working environment increased productivity by 15% and increased satisfaction and concentration.


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