ARMS  has been very clearly supported by Nintendo  since its launch and is probably one of the motion gaming arguments of the end of the year to move our little darlings. The regular supply of content can only do him good.

After the passage in version 4, it is a small addition which enriches ARMS . In this case a new fighter who bears the sweet name of Springtron and who is actually a copy of Spring Man, since he owns the same ARMS.

Moreover, when Spring Man unlocks new ARMS, Springtron benefits from the same advances . His weapons are also identical (Toaster, Boomerang and Trident). An extra character, but a more cosmetic interest than anything else. In addition, new badges are appearing, along with a number of bugfixes.

The sharpest of you who play at ARMS will also notice that a series of adjustments have been made for a number of fighters . They concern reaction times as well as the angles of certain attacks or the damage inflicted depending on the blows.

In December, ARMS will be out for almost 6 months and its evolution continues to keep it very active.


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