Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers on the Android platform and in recent years the developers have nicely implemented a large number of useful features .

Although it is not yet official , it seems that BigG developers are working on a new feature to be implemented in a possible next version of the browser. This is the ability to create an encrypted file that contains the passwords to the various sites and services, which can then be imported on another device with the same browser and the same account probably through a security key.

Google Git does not, however, refer to any type of export file or some type of cryptography in particular, it may not be a proprietary format.

The new function has been placed within the settings, under the heading Save password . Here, right next to the title, there is the Export Password button from which you can download – probably – the famous encrypted file.

This is certainly a useful function for all those who, due to the registration to a large number of services , use different passwords and are always struggling to remember them. On the other hand, however, it could still be a risky function from a security point of view . Precisely on this last point we hope that the search engine can implement appropriate measures to protect user data .

As mentioned before, we still do not know if and when this new feature of Google Chrome will be available on the Android platform. We also do not exclude the fact that it can be subsequently implemented on the iOS platform, perhaps with the help of the proprietary cloud .

We at Keyforweb staff will continue to update you in case any further news regarding the issue should arrive.


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