The OnePlus 6 will probably not be presented before next summer in the best case, but a very talented designer has still imagined a concept in his honor.

OnePlus will have had a busy end to the year with the launch of its latest flagship , but the manufacturer probably reserves a few surprises for next year and he certainly had to start working on his next flagship.

What will it look like? It’s impossible to know, but a designer still wanted to realize a concept based both on his imagination and on the latest devices presented by manufacturers.

A OnePlus 6 different from previous models

The OnePlus 6 imagined by him does not have much to do with the latest devices of the Chinese brand and he thus trades the metal case in favor of two glass plates glued to one another through Reinforced steel frame.

The photo module is still composed of two optics and two sensors, but these components are no longer placed in the same place. The author of this concept has indeed chosen to center them and place them on a vertical axis a few centimeters above the logo of the manufacturer.

The ergonomics do not change too much and the switch specific notifications is always placed on the left edge, a few inches from the volume controls. The power button is found on the other side and the connector does not change place.

A neat concept

The headphone jack is for absent subscribers for its part and it is obviously difficult to be surprised given the recent statements of Pete Lau. The man has indeed indicated that this catch was still useful at the moment, but that it was in any case doomed to disappear.

Interestingly, the creator of this OnePlus 6 has thought to provide the terminal of a physical trigger placed on its right edge.

The screen is still huge and the slab is surrounded by borders to the thickness contained. The result is obviously very impressive and here we find a design similar to that of the OnePlus 5T.


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