You have decided that you needed an upgrade and you are wondering what to do with your old phone apart from using it as a paperweight. In some cases, you can keep it as a spare in case something goes wrong with your new phone or you could give it to someone else. However, if you are seeking to lower the cost of your next phone, you can always recycle the old iphone. It is especially easy to do that if it is an apple product.

Damage is Not an Issue

If the old apple phone is cracked or has scratches, you should not be stressed over it. You can still get a lot of money for it even when the screen has some cracks. It is especially so if it is a recent model such as the iPhone 8. Most recyclers online will use your old iPhone 7 for parts or even refurbish and resell it elsewhere. Even when they cannot find someone to buy the phone, they can still find many parts that can be reused even in older models such as the iPhone 5s.

However, you have to keep in mind that even when you sell your fully functioning iPhone 8, you still will not have enough to cover the whole cost of the new iPhone that is coming out. Despite this, when you sell your old iPhone 5s, it can help to lower the amount you pay a great deal. If you have an older iPhone models such as the iPhone 6, you can sell that too to lower the cost of your new purchase more.

Getting the Best Price for Older Phones

Finding the right place to sell your iPhone 6s as you prepare to buy the next model is important to ensure you get the best price. Many sites online are willing to recycle your phone. However, finding the right site to sell your phone can be a challenge. This site will help you find a good place to sell that iPhone 6s for the most money. Even if it is cracked, you will have a chance to compare different buyers and find one who perfectly matches your requirements.

How Much Can You Make

The amount of cash you can get when you sell your old iPhone SE will depend on various factors. Chief among them is the specs of the phone. For instance, an iPhone 6 with a 64GB storage capacity will get more money than one with just 32GB of storage. Thus, if you want to get an accurate quote of what your phone is worth, you need to visit and type in the correct specs of your phone.

Another consideration is the year of release of the phone. For instance, the iPhone X will earn you more than an iPhone 7. This is simply because there are better parts that come with the latest models compared to older phones. Another issue to consider is the date of the next release. Even the price of the iPhone x will go down dramatically about 3 weeks before the next phone is released. Thus, it is important to find a buyer for your old phone and lock in the price since it is unlikely to go up further as the date of the next release gets closer.

In general prices, can vary a lot, for an iPhone 7, you can expect to get a few hundred dollars. It is the same for an iPhone SE, even when it is damaged. It is unlikely that you will get anything less than a hundred dollars for any phone unless it is too damaged to salvage any parts.


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