The consumer association “Google You Owe Us” filed a lawsuit against Google on Thursday for collecting personal data using the Safari browser.

The US giant Google faces Thursday a complaint from a consumer association in the United Kingdom that accuses him of illegally collecting personal data of users of the iPhone.

5.4 million people concerned. The association “Google You Owe Us” (Google, you owe us something) seeks compensation for the 5.4 million people concerned by the facts, she said in a statement, adding that it is the first action of this type in the country.

The facts would have been in England and Wales between June 2011 and February 2012, a period in which Google would have bypassed the security options of the iPhone and collected personal data using the Safari browser.

Recognize Google’s responsibility. The case should go to court in early 2018, said a spokesman for the association, led by Richard Lloyd, used to scrape against large groups and former leader of the famous consumer association Which?

“With this action, we will be sending a strong message to Google and other Silicon Valley technology giants that we are not afraid to fight if our laws are not respected,” said Richard Lloyd. . Each affected person could hope to recover several hundred pounds, the association said that its goal is as much financial compensation as its desire to recognize the responsibility of Google.

Google will challenge this action. The American group meanwhile, played down the importance of this action. “This is not new, we have defended ourselves in similar cases before, we do not think it has any interest and we will challenge that,” said a spokesman for Google.

Precedents. A similar case had already been brought before the British courts in 2015 by three individuals, who had obtained an agreement remained confidential but which had opened the door to a collective action, according to Google You Owe Us. In the United States, Google had moreover was fined $ 22.5 million in August 2012, ending the US Trade Regulator’s prosecution for the group’s Safari data recovery practices.


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