An imminent update of Waze will allow bikers to receive routes and information specific to two-wheel traffic.

The Waze user community already has 9.4 million users, and it may well expand further with an upcoming update. The publisher of the free GPS navigation application today announced an evolution thanks to which the latter will propose a motorcycle mode. An interesting update for two-wheelers who will now be able to take advantage of the many warnings that millions of motorists already share today. Obviously, to take advantage, it will install a smartphone holder suitable for the motorcycle or scooter, but the investment – a few tens of euros on good online shops – should be worth it.

Routes adapted to both wheels

In its current version, Waze offers two modes of route calculations, the shortest and the fastest. Both of course take into account the state of the traffic. And as you know, the traffic situation … it’s not really the biker’s primary concern. In any case much less than that of the motorist. This is the first interest of this motorcycle mode that should be able to offer optimal routes for two wheels, probably not taking into account the traffic situation. Waze does not give more details for the moment, but we imagine that only certain information will remain in the motorcycle navigation, like a blocked road, for example.

If the traffic information is not taken into account in the route calculation, the users of two wheels will have not only a more direct route than the one currently provided, but also more precise indications of their time of day. arrival. And that was really missing in the current version of Waze.

Obviously, the motorcycle mode can also receive other alerts that make the success of the free application: danger zone, control zone, weather alert, degraded roadway or dangerous weather condition.

Still, reporting incidents when riding a motorcycle is not particularly practical or dangerous. We do not know yet if Waze has planned a particular interface, more ergonomic, enriched with big icons, for example.

At the time of publishing this article, the update has not yet been proposed on our Android terminal. As a two-wheel user, we will be sure to come back to it in more detail.  


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